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You've found the online home of the Western New York Parrot Head Club!

Located in and around Buffalo, New York, we are the local chapter of Jimmy Buffett's fan club. Sporting over 300 members, we are proud to combine our love for Jimmy's music - and the laid-back, caribbean lifestyle he personifies - with our charter mission of "party with a purpose." We believe in having a good time and giving back to the community - and being just a little bit crazy along the way. You can learn more about our fun-loving bunch by clicking on the "About" footprint at upper left.


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The WNYPHC at the 2014 Jones Beach show. The whole day was a blur, too - just like the picture.



Be sure to check out the "Upcoming Events" section below for all the latest goings on - you don't want to miss any of the fun!



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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Vice President Bob Schiele and the Western New York Parrot Head Club!!




The latest (October) release of the WNYPHC Newsletter has been uploaded to the website, for those interested in seeing it in glorious color and zooming in for a better look at the pictures!

Editor Ray Jaskowiak has done another fantastic job! This issue is a whopping 24 pages of fun, so we apologize in advance if it loads a tad slowly. Tech tip: if you don't use Internet Explorer - instead, use Chrome or Safari - it loads much more quickly.

Just click here to go right to the latest issue or click the "News" Footprint at top left to see all the past issues. (Ok, a couple of those issues went MIA, but we're working on those.)



Hearty Congratulations go out to Sheila Biles - this year's Parrot Head of the Year winner!



For pics, video and recent happenings, please check out the Photos and News sections.



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The Western New York Parrot Head Club generally gathers on the third Thursday of every month and we try to switch to outdoor/music venues for the summer months. Check the calendar below if you're trying to find us. The phun usually begins about 5 pm or so with the meeting taking place about 7:00-ish pm. (We use Island Time)

For the events shown below, click the event link to get the address, directions and more info.

Upcoming events:


Planning way ahead? Check out the Events page.



Want to talk turkey with birds of a feather ? (Could that metaphor be any cheesier ?) Anyway, the Western New York Parrot Head Club has a Yahoo group. Click below to join.

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Click here to join the WNYPHC itself. No cyberspace needed, just fun & friendly folks.

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